Caring for Your Oral Appliance

Burds_InternalPhotos_CareForYourOralApplianceA Clean Oral Appliance for a Healthy, Happy Mouth

The success of your sleep apnea treatment depends on wearing your appliance all night every night. Unfortunately, if you don’t take the time to keep your appliance clean, it can become a breeding ground for oral bacteria. Sleep apnea appliances, like orthodontic retainers, sports mouthguards, and removable dentures, provide ample surface area for oral microorganisms to colonize. As a result, microbe-laden oral appliances can begin to look discolored, smell unpleasant, and even increase your risk of oral infection. Dr. Burds highly recommends DentaSoak for his sleep apnea patients to keep their oral appliances clean and sanitized.

What is DentaSoak?

Retainers and sports mouthguards have long been associated with a higher risk for oral candidiasis (also known as thrush), an overabundance of yeast in the mouth. DentaSoak was developed to provide a non-toxic, inexpensive, and alcohol-free solution for keeping orthodontic retainers sanitized and deodorized. Using it as an effective way to keep other types of mouthpieces, including oral appliances for sleep apnea, clean and fresh just seemed like a logical next step.

How Does DentaSoak Work?

Your DentaSoak kit contains a soaking cup with a removable tray and a three-month supply of powder and liquid concentrate. Once a week, you’ll follow these steps:

  • Place the removable tray in the cup and fill with cold tap water up to the top edge of the tray.
  • Add one packet of liquid concentrate, close the lid, and shake for 10 seconds.
  • Open the lid, pour in a packet of powder concentrate, close the lid, and shake for 15 seconds.

To disinfect and deodorize your oral appliance, place it on the submerged tray in, close the lid, and allow it to soak for 15 minutes. If needed, you can use a denture brush or soft-bristled toothbrush to ensure all debris has been removed. Ideally, you should soak your sleep apnea appliance for 15 minutes every day, but 2-3 times per week will keep it sufficiently clean, clear, and free from harmful oral microbes.

Learn More About Caring for Your Sleep Appliance

The better you care for your sleep guard, the longer it can help you sleep better! To lear more, or for a better night’s sleep, contact our Des Moines dentist’s office at 515-244-0329 or email us at [email protected]