Sleep Apnea: Myths Versus Facts Quiz

You probably don’t talk about sleep apnea with your friends and family on a regular basis. As a result, when you do bring the topic up (or try to look it up on the internet), you may run across some stories that don’t sit well with you. Some of the details sound possible while others seem too far-fetched. Ready to sort out the myths from the facts? Let’s go!

Myth Or Fact Quiz?

  1. Myth or Fact: When you suffer from sleep apnea, it’s something that might cause you to stop breathing (then start breathing again) hundreds of times over the course of a single night.
  2. Myth or Fact: If you suffer from this problem, you will need to begin with a CPAP machine for relief.
  3. Myth or Fact: Your partner who sleeps next to you at night can end up with sleep apnea symptoms very similar to yours (even though this person may not suffer from the sleep disorder).

Quiz Answers

  1. Fact. This sounds like one of those things people say but that is just a rumor. However, it’s absolutely true. You may experience a sleep apnea event hundreds of times throughout the night, which is one of the reasons this sleep disorder will make you so extremely tired.
  2. Myth. You may assume that you will need to receive a CPAP machine right off the bat. However, we generally begin with an oral appliance, which is just a mouthguard that offers exceptional results.
  3. Fact. It’s true! While your partner may not develop all of the symptoms, many of them (such as moodiness, fatigue, trouble focusing) are the result of waking up throughout the night. Rest assured, the noise you are making is likely waking your partner up every time you wake up.

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